Notice anything different?

Why yes, we did get a new haircut! We got a complete makeover, actually.

While we loved our old website, it was a little dated. The user interface was best for the year 2008, and ecommerce has evolved in the past ten years to be compatible on smart devices — a huge factor to consider if we wanted to keep up the success.

To be honest with you, we really needed a facelift.

That’s what Brad Duesler was thinking after he took over as CEO in 2017. He asked himself, what does he look for when purchasing gifts for friends and family?

His answer? The stories behind the artisans. Who owns the small businesses that make these products? What inspires them to get out of bed in the morning? Where did the inspiration for their products come from?

That’s the direction he wanted to take WisconsinMade.

Rebranding the entire website for today’s online shopping market was too big a task for Brad to do alone. After all, he’s also the CEO of  a whole ‘nother company.

So he handed the reigns over to Robyn Kitson. Under Robyn’s direction, WisconsinMade has been undergoing some exciting changes behind-the-scenes. There were photo shoots, meetings with artisans both old and new and some staffing changes too. We zero-ed in on the end user interface to make shopping with us as easy and convenient as possible.

This is the result!

All the products from the old site are still here: jars of pickled products from Bay View Packing, kringle pastries from O&H Danish Bakery and Racine KringleBabcock Dairy ice cream, and (of course) more cheese and sausage your Holstein can shake its head at.

We’re also bringing our artisans to the forefront—telling their stories so you know the people behind the products you purchase.

All of this doesn’t stop at our website. Check out our Facebook Page to share what you love about your favorite US state (if it’s not Wisconsin, how could you?). Or browse our Pinterest Boards for inspiration for your next DIY project.

Rebranding an entire website takes a lot of work, and we’re not even finished yet. Check back often to see new updates on artisan pages, updated product listings and new blog posts.

So what do you think?

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