No Sugar Added Dried Cherries from Door County Cherryland's Best on WisconsinMade Artisan Collective
No sugar added dried cherries from Door County Cherryland’s Best are one of WisconsinMade’s top best-sellers.

Door County Cherryland’s Best has been packaging and selling Door County cherries since its founding in 1994. Founder and former owner Brian Joosten meant it as a way to share a piece of Door County by sharing its most beloved crop. By 2017, he was ready to retire.

Scott Dercks purchased Door County Cherryland’s Best in 2017. In the following Q&A, Scott details his history before purchasing Door County Cherryland’s Best, what he likes about WisconsinMade Artisan Collective, and his plans for the future of Door County Cherryland’s Best.

This interview has been edited for clarity and grammar.

Do you know much about the history of Door County Cherryland’s Best?

Scott: I believe it was founded in 1994. We have some information on our site as well. We bought it from the previous owners. Unfortunately, he wasn’t very involved. We bought it out and he was kind of out of it at that point so we didn’t have a lot of history of what he did. It wasn’t really our focus, our direction was different to go more towards the wholesale channel versus what he was doing locally. Just to reach a larger scale of volume.

What were you doing before you purchased Door County Cherryland’s Best?

Scott: I was a partner in a company called Victor Allen’s Coffee, where I ran the day-to-day operations and sales. We did a lot of food service with coffee, so there’s some similarities to customer base and things like that that we do in cherries as well.

What drew you to Door County Cherryland’s Best?

Scott: I was looking to get back into the food industry and an opportunity became available close by where I live. So, location was a big part of it as well.

How has the business changed since you bought it?

Scott: We’ve expanded. We doubled the business so far since we bought it. We will have owned it two years ago this coming month, actually. This month it’ll be two years. We’re in the process right now of doing an expansion so we can grow again. We’re adding coolers and freezers and production area and then re-doing our offices. We’re re-doing everything.

Do you know how Door County Cherryland’s Best got involved with WisconsinMade? Do you like selling with us?

Scott: That I do not know. I know they were involved for a long time but I’m not sure sure of the history of how they got involved. We sell quite a bit of stuff through WisconsinMade. We’re happy with it. I think the flow of it works well.

What inspires you to wake up in the morning?

Scott: Just growing the business, adding new customers, traveling to see people, meeting with customers. Really, just the excitement of growing it and building it bigger.


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