Recipe: Cheesy Potato and Bratwurst Casserole

Reading about the people who immigrated to Wisconsin during it’s pioneer years (1800s-1890s) is an interesting read. I’ve come across plenty of factoids that would impress people at cocktail parties. For instance, Wisconsin’s main industry in its early days as a state wasn’t cheese; it was lead and lumber. I touch a little on it,Continue reading Recipe: Cheesy Potato and Bratwurst Casserole

Holiday Shopping Nirvana – Peace

What’s the difference between the shopping at the mall and shopping on line? Parking lots, slush, cold rain, Oh my! Endless lines, delays, and fees, Oh My! But there is help at hand. Santa’s helpers and the elves at WisconsinMade can make it all much more joyous, without the cold, lines and pain.   From theContinue reading Holiday Shopping Nirvana – Peace