The Edible Antics culinary tour explores the best spots in Burnett and Calumet Counties in Wisconsin.

Burnett County

Burnett County in Wisconsin by David Benbennick
Map of Wisconsin highlighting Burnett County by David Benbennick

Are we “Up Nort” yet? About 15,000 people live in Burnett County. It occupies 880 square miles. Meenon is the county seat and it includes the villages of Grantsburg, Siren and Webster. The county includes a number of Wisconsin State Wildlife areas, many lakes, the Saint Croix Indian Reservation and its western border is the Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway. Outdoor recreation and tourism are features of Burnett County.

Edible Antics Burnett County recommendations:

  • The Burnett Dairy Cooperative store and bistro for cheese. The Co-op store stocks over 100 varieties of cheese and wines and makes handmade sandwiches to order. Their cheese brands include Wood River Creamery, Burnett Dairy and Cady cheese. The store is a fun stop when you are in the area.
  • Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway is a national treasure. The river has carved deep channels and offers beautiful canoeing, hiking and fishing.

Calumet County

Calumet County in Wisconsin by David Benbennick
Map of Wisconsin highlighting Calumet County by David Benbennick

Is home to about 49,000 people and it occupies 320 Square miles. The county seat is Chilton and it includes the cities of Brillion, New Holstein and parts of Appleton and Menasha. High Cliff State Park is in Calumet County along with the Brillion Wildlife Area and the Killsnake Wildlife Area . There are over 30 supper clubs in the county that calls itself the Supper Club Capital of the Midwest.

Edible Antics Calumet County Recommendations:


These stops in Burnett and Calumet Counties offer you some of the best edibles that are all made with pride and passion in Wisconsin. Check back next week as our culinary tour continues in Chippewa and Clark Counties.

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