Pecan and Raspberry Kringles

Not done yet? Still have a few more on your list? What to do?

Shipping deadlines to arrive before Christmas for many items have passed.

But orders through Dec. 20th for Kringle will ship on the 21st and should arrive almost everywhere by the 24th.

Additionally the WisconsinMade  “month club” gifts feature monthly deliveries of selected items and are announced to the recipient via a mailing that lets them know about the coming months gifts.

The available month clubs from WisconsinMade include:

  • Cheese of the Month Club: One or two pounds of wonderful WisconsinMade cheese
  • Gourmet Food of the Month Club: Carefully selected WisconsinMade treats
  • Dessert of the Month Club: One delightful dessert monthly to your door
  • Flower Bulb of the Month Club: Spring bulbs to brighten your home monthly
  • Chocolate of the Month Club: Monthly servings of decadence
  • Ice Cream of the Month Club: 4 pints or 8 pints monthly to enjoy
  • Specialty Cheese of the Month Club: Unusual WisconsinMade cheeses to enjoy
  • Kringle of the Month Club: A different flavor fresh Kringle each month
  • Bratwurst Club (bi-monthly): Every other month, two to three pounds of different brats to enjoy
Wisconsinmade gift card

And the WisconsinMade gift cards can be delivered by US mail or electronically via email in minutes.

The entire team at WisconsinMade and all of our artisan partners wish you and your families a Merry Christmas.  When you share these treats, remember they were all made with pride and passion in Wisconsin.

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