Thanksgiving turkey cooked
Thanksgiving Turkey

The Thanksgiving holiday gives us pause to consider all the things in life we are thankful for.

I’m thankful for Linda, Wendy, Carla, Ali and all our family that have enriched our lives and created so many fond memories.  Thank you.

Lifelong friends seem like part of the family, and we are thankful for them too.  Thank you.

And our online partners of over 200 Artisans of the WisconsinMade web store that we have grown to serve customers nationwide for Thanksgiving and all year long.  Thank you.

And our over 10,000 faithful customers who appreciate the convenience, focus and service of the dedicated team at WisconsinMade.  Thank you.

And our founder Linda with the vision and dedication to make this Wisconsin made based web market a reality.  Thank you.

And to the staff at WisconsinMade that care for our customers and artisan partners every day.  Thank you.


And to the underlying ethic of hard work, customer service and quality products that are made with pride and passion in Wisconsin

Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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