WisconsinMade is delighted at the support our customers and partner artisans have shown for our efforts to raise funds for Operation Gratitude.  Veterans Day November 11th is a great opportunity to remember those that have served our country.

military-1Operation Gratitude seeks to send care packages to our troops and their families in an effort to bring cheer and appreciation to those that serve.  WisconsinMade hopes to add enough new Facebook and Twitter fans to be able to donate $ 1,000.00 to this worthy organization.

Gratitude and thanks also form the basis for our Thanksgiving celebrations.  WisconsinMade has many ways to help you with your Thanksgiving preparations.  But have you noticed that many folks and commercial establishments have already switched to the Christmas holiday decorations and products?  Trees, lights and toy lands are everywhere.  Still about 45 days away, but looking around the community it looks like it might be here next week.


If you would like to participate in this early shopping experience WisconsinMade allows you to request a delayed delivery date for any of your gifts purchased on the site.

Veterans Day and Thanksgiving are days of gratitude for many of us.  We are grateful for many things including you our customers and fans of WisconsinMade and for all our artisan partners who provide all these quality products that are available on WisconsinMade that are all made with Pride and Passion in Wisconsin 

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