Tour Racine (Kringle Capitol) and Richland counties in Wisconsin with Edible Antics on tour posting virtual culinary tour entries from Wisconsin counties in alphabetical order.  We are finding the special Supper Clubs, bakeries, meat markets, breweries, bike trails, wineries, bed and breakfasts, parks, attractions and anything we think you might enjoy in each county we visit.  We’ll post to our Edible Antics recommendations for each county.

This week we continue our Wisconsin counties virtual culinary tour in Racine and Richland counties looking for edibles and adventures.  These two counties have more in common than just being in alphabetical order.  World famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed a number of buildings in Racine County for the family owners of the Johnson Wax Company.  Richland County is the birthplace of this famous architect.

Racine County

Map of Wisconsin highlighting Racine County by David Benbennick

The city of Racine is the county seat of this county that is home to 195,400 people.  It is the 5th most populous county in Wisconsin.  Of the 792 square miles in this county 533 are land and 460 square miles are water.  That is 58% water.  Other cities and villages in the county include:

  • Parts of Burlington
  • Caledonia
  • Elmwood Park
  • Mt. Pleasant
  • North Bay
  • Sturtevant
  • Waterford
  • Wind Pont

Racine is a waterfront city located at the mouth of the Root River where it flows into Lake Michigan.  The city boasts of 53 historic places and features the Johnson Wax Administration and Research Tower designed by Wisconsin native Frank Lloyd Wright,  Wright was born in Richland Center, county seat of our next county just below.   Recreational bike paths include the Seven Waters Trail, the White River State Trail and 6 more trails for enthusiasts to explore.  The Wind Point lighthouse is a popular attraction for visitors.  The Salmon-a-Rama fishing contest runs from July 9 through the 17th and is headquartered in Racine with multiple weighing locations along the South East portions of Lake Michigan.

But Racine is best known as the “Kringle Capital of America” due to the substantial focus of local Danish bakers.  This oval pastry comes in a number of flavors and is made by at least five local bakeries.  While this pastry is a popular holiday treat is also a frequent breakfast or desert item.  These bakeries also produce other Danish bakery items that are year round favorites.


Wisconsinmade Artisan partners in Racine County

pecan kringle O&H
Danish Kringle

O&H Danish Bakery is loved by those who long for wonderful baked goods reminiscent of old Denmark.  0&H Danish Bakery has grown to become masters of the Danish kringle.

Racine Danish Kringle continues the Danish tradition using time tested recipes and techniques, handcrafting only the highest quality Kringles.

Shrooms Kitchen at the River Valley Ranch grows the very finest quality fresh mushrooms. Producing the finest quality specialty foods in small batches, by hand, is truly a labor of love.

Additional Edible Antics Recommendations

The SC Johnson Administration Building and Research Tower in Racine is a 15 story building that was constructed well ahead of its time.  Natural light, glass and brick provide unique accents to these buildings.

Wingspread at Wind Point was a private residence designed in 1936 for Herbert Fisk Johnson who was the owner of SC Johnson at that time.  Four building wings spread out on the property for this prairie designed house.

Logic Puzzle Museum  in historic downtown Burlington is a unique attraction offering tours and demonstrations.  The gift shop has over 100 hands-on logic and mechanical puzzles and books.

Racine Art Museum holds the largest and most significant contemporary craft collection in North America, with more than 8,000 objects from nationally and internationally recognized artists

Wind Point Lighthouse is 110 feet tall and was intended to warn mariners of the reef just off shore.

Brossman’s Meats is a family owned and operated business that has been serving the best premium meats, seafood, deli and full service catering to Racine and surrounding areas for over 30 years.

HOBNOB Supper Club is a traditional Wisconsin Supper Club overlooking Lake Michigan with live entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights.

Lochnaiar Inn is a lovely Bed and Breakfast Inn overlooking Lake Michigan.

Reef Point Brew House at the marina on Lake Michigan for craft beers and pub grub.

Richland County

Map of Wisconsin highlighting Richland County by David Benbennick

The city of Richland Center is the county seat for this 586 square mile count that is home to 18,000 people.  Other cities and villages include:

  • Boaz
  • Lone Rock
  • Viola
  • Yuba

The county’s name was selected by early settlers due to its farm lands rich soil.  Richland Center is the birthplace of Frank Lloyd Wright and is the site of the A.D. German Warehouse he designed.  The rolling hills in this county mark the start of the unglaciated Southwestern part of Wisconsin.

Wisconsinmade Artisan partners in Richland County

Go Macro makes organic macrobiotic bars.  Macrobiotics strengthens ones’ immune system. These organic snack bars are organic, gluten-free, vegan and high protein.

Wisconsin State Coasters
Chosen Stones has been creating and handcrafting wooden household items mainly for the kitchen for the past 18 years.  They specialize in many styles and sizes of cutting boards in the shape of Wisconsin.

Additional Edible Antics Recommendations

The A.D. German Warehouse in Richland Center was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built in his home town.  It is a relatively small brick building designed with a Mayan Revival exterior.

Richland Meat Locker is a full service butcher and meat processing store “Where Friendly People Meat!”

Cheese Cellar is a small but well stocked cheese shop in Richland Center.

Join us next week as we continue our tour in Rock and Rusk counties searching for people, places and edibles Made With Pride and Passion in Wisconsin 

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