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You’ve seen those lists.  The 10 Best ______________ fill in the blank.   I have a number of them I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks.  But let’s try to find some of your favorites and why.  The Supper Club is a Wisconsin tradition.

Do you like the Wisconsin’s Supper Club tradition?  Do you have a favorite?  Do you go to more than one?  Can you rate them and score them for careful recommendations to others?  We’re here to help!

How does your favorite supper club measure up?  Is it truly a Wisconsin classic, or just a family friendly neighborhood gathering spot with satisfying food?  We love them all, but the title of “recommended Supper Club” is elusive, particular and only available to the true classics that attract loyal customers year around.  Lots of places call themselves a “Supper Club.”  But what is that?  And why do we care?

Well it is part nostalgia and part appreciation for a winning combination of food, atmosphere and service at have made this particular type of restaurant a favorite over multiple generations.  Wisconsin Supper Clubs offer an experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Donny’s Glidden Lodge

Wisconsin has over 350 dining places that call themselves  a “Supper Club.”  Your favorite is probably included.  But how does it rate verses all the others?  Is the one in Kenosha better than the one in Superior?  Door County vs, LaCrosse?  How will we decide?

Fear not – we have developed an evaluation tool that can help you see where you favorite stacks up next to the perennial favorites.  On a scale from one to 200 you can score your favorite against the spots recommended by Edible Antics in our 72 county tours.  We offered for your consideration 10 Supper Clubs from across the state and their “Star Rating” based upon an evaluation using our scorecard. .  And then here is the scorecard for you to evaluate your favorite.  Based upon your evaluation how does it measure up?

Ten Madison Area Supper Clubs

Supper Club Score
1 Otto’s 4 Stars
2 Dorf House 4 Stars
3 Toby’s 4 Stars
4 Old Fashioned 3.5 Stars
5 Wonder Bar 4 Stars
6 Mariner’s 3.25 Stars
7 Delany’s 3.5 Stars
8 Tornado Steak House 4.2 Stars
9 Maple Tree 3.8 Stars
10 Fitzgerald’s 3.5 Stars

Your Scorecard

Does your favorite Supper club have these? Score your favorites and compare to see which is the winner.

Category Available Points My Favorite
Food items
Is there a relish try on your table? 3
– With carrots, celery
Is there a basket with cellophane 3
– Wrapped crackers
Is there a soft spreadable cheese included 3
Warm bread or rolls 5
– Cold store bought or stale -5
Are there individual wrapped butter patties 3
Is there a Friday night fried fish special 10
Is there a Saturday night prime rib special 10
Is there a salad bar 10
– with beets (extra points) 3
– with Blue cheese dressing (extra) 3
– with fresh mixed greens (extra) 3
Is there a featured steak available always 10
Ambiance items
Is there a wood burning fireplace 10
– Is there a fire going (extra) 5
Are the chairs at the tables comfy 5
Is there wood paneling inside 5
Is there adequate parking close by 5
Are there cloth tablecloths and napkins 5
Do you get a steak knife with your steak 5
How many beers on tap are available
– 1 to 10 5
– 10 to 20 8
– more than 20 12
How many wines on the wine list
– 1 to 10 3
– 10 to 20 5
– more than 20 10
Do they serve real Wisconsin made
– Beers 5
– Brandies 5
– Wines 5
– Vodka 5
Are they known for their Brandy Manhattens or Old Fashioned 5
Are they known for their Bloody Marys 5
Do they offer after dinner ice cream drinks 5
Other items
Are there more than one friendly bartenders 5
Is the wait staff helpful, friendly 3
Do they take reservations
– Weekdays 3
– Weekends 10
Total points 200

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