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Is your Gruyere Cheese from Gruyere, Switzerland or from Monroe, Wisconsin?

Is your Havarti from Denmark or from Broadhead, Wisconsin?

Is your Gouda from the Netherlands or from Madison, Wisconsin?

Is your Camembert from Normandy or from Verona, Wisconsin?

Do you agree that cheese varieties names and descriptions should be tied to geographical locations of origin and only those that produce in that region can use the descriptive term for their cheese?  Or are these descriptive names related to the variety of cheese, and not their geographical location?  Do we start naming our unique cheeses with “Monroe” or “Green County” or “WisconsinMade”, and only those that meet the requirement are allowed to use the name?

Havarti Cheese 2lbs | Decatur Dairy
Havarti Cheese – 2lbs.

If, in international tasting competition the cheeses labeled Gouda find a favored winner from somewhere other than the Netherlands does that settle the issue?

If the champion Gruyere cheese cycles back and forth to various locations on both sides of the Atlantic should the Swiss variety have protected status?

While this debate continues in the Wild World of Cheese, consumers find that this all seems a distraction.  We want good cheese.  We can evaluate taste differences and choose ones that we find appealing.  Why should anyone have any kind of “Protected Geographical Indication” status?  Competition and variety serve the consumer best. Label them as to their point of origin if you like, but do not exclude others from the descriptive use of the cheese name.  Win in the marketplace based upon merit, not based upon arbitrary exclusion.  The consumer will decide if your geographical location produces better cheese.

Gouda Cheese Gift Box | Babcock Hall Dairy Store
Gouda Cheese Gift Box

Cheese shipping season (it is suspended in the hot summer months for most cheeses) has resumed and a wide variety and choice of cheeses are available at WisconsinMade.

As the holiday gifting season arrives many of you find these cheese boxes or cheese and sausage gift boxes to be the perfect package to send to friends, relatives or corporate associates. You can select now and schedule a delayed delivery date for your gifts during the checkout process.   And if you have a large number of recipients and need special assistance our customer service folks can be a big help (Toll free 877-947-6233).  We have helped many companies complete this holiday tradition with our outstanding WisconsinMade quality products and service. But you need not be in a quandary about the geographical origin of any of these cheeses because they were all made with Pride and Passion in Wisconsin

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