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It’s hard to go wrong with Nueske’s bacon, and using it for this deviled eggs recipe is no exception.

Deviled Eggs seem to be a universal tradition across many cultures. In North America, they’re often seen at family picnics, holidays, church parties, and other social functions. In some cases, they’re the first item to be devoured by the guests.

You may think they’ve only started appearing in cookbooks since the post-World War II era, but a version of deviled eggs was prepared for ancient Romans thousands of years ago. The Romans even had a saying: “ab ova usque ad mala” which translates to “from eggs to apples.” The saying referred to the courses of a meal from the start (deviled eggs) to dessert (apples).

Today, deviled eggs are used across North America and Europe, though sometimes under names like “stuffed eggs” or “dressed eggs.”

Below is a Wisconsin version of Deviled Eggs that mixes the yolks of hard boiled eggs with Wisconsin mustard, Wisconsin cheddar cheese, and Nueske’s signature applewood smoked bacon. Enhance the flavor of this recipe with pickled eggs, which are already boiled and shelled.


Bacon Deviled Eggs



Cut eggs in half lengthwise, setting whites aside.

Mash yolks in bowl. Add salad dressing, mustard, pepper, fried bacon and 2 Tbsp. cheese.

Fill each half egg white with bacon mixture. Top with remaining cheese.

Cover and chill before serving.

For a unique spin, try making this recipe with Pickled Eggs!

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Thank you for the information in this article. Thank you Nueske’s for letting us use your recipe!

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