Happy Birthday Wisconsin! Brats for everyone!

We are taking a Holiday weekend pause from our Wisconsin Counties tour to celebrate a couple of things;  Birthdays and Brats. Happy Birthday Wisconsin – the state. Wisconsin joined the United States 168 years ago on May 29th 1848 as the 30th state of the union. Known as the Badger state the robin is theContinue reading Happy Birthday Wisconsin! Brats for everyone!

Holiday Shopping Nirvana – Peace

What’s the difference between the shopping at the mall and shopping on line? Parking lots, slush, cold rain, Oh my! Endless lines, delays, and fees, Oh My! But there is help at hand. Santa’s helpers and the elves at WisconsinMade can make it all much more joyous, without the cold, lines and pain.   From theContinue reading Holiday Shopping Nirvana – Peace