Chocolate Decadence for the Office

Julie strikes a pose with a slice of Chocolate Mint Liqueur Cake from STF Enterprises.

We here at WisconsinMade value our artisans and they work they do for us. Without them, we would not be where we are.

So it makes our week when an artisan sends over a sample of their product for us to sample.

After all, how can we sell something we know nothing about? We use these opportunities so we can tell our customers with the utmost confidence that our products are of the highest quality. 

Which is what happened last October when we received a bundt cake from Theresa Kent, the artisan behind STF Enterprises. She spoke with Katrina about sending us the cake, but Katrina wouldn’t tell us what kind of cake it was. She wanted to keep that part a surprise, and we were willing conspirators in keeping the secret.

Picture all seven of us in the office, crowded around a box in a conference room, holding our breaths as the lid is lifted to reveal: a Chocolate Mint Liqueur Cake.

It arrived in perfect form because it was packaged in perfect form. Clear plastic wrap kept the cake together during shipping. It arrived cold, intact and ready for eating. 

We settled into our small conference room. Robyn retrieved a knife to cut the cake. I found the napkins and utensils. Mary got paper plates to eat on. And we ate the cake. (But not before snapping a picture of a smiling Julie beforehand!)

It was moist and fluffy and rich in taste. A hint of mint brightened the dark chocolate, just the right amount to add a little zing. It did not crumble under our forks, but our mouths couldn’t get enough. This is a cake we nearly finished in a single sitting.

Afterwards, we lingered to chat, brought together by a cake we would recommend for anybody’s upcoming birthday. 

Close Encounters of the Cheeselicious Kind

Do not be deceived; this tin holds more popcorn than you realize.

Last September was a special birthday for me: it’s my first birthday with WisconsinMade Artisan Collective. I wanted to order something that embodied the company I work for, something made in Wisconsin, something artisanal, something that would support my local economy. Naturally, I ordered something from WisconsinMade. Part of it was to experiment with the customer experience on our website, but I mostly wanted to treat myself. 

When I started to browse WisconsinMade, I noticed that my wish list kept on growing and growing. Artisans like Last Course Sensations and Wisconsin Dairyland Fudge all made it onto my list. How was I to narrow it down to one thing? So I asked myself: what would be the best thing I could ever receive from anyone in this very moment? The answer was not a sweet treat, but a savory one.

A 3.5 Gallon Tin of Mike’s Cheeselicious Popcorn

Go big or go home right? Within a week of ordering, I came home to a giant box on my front porch. Readers, I was so excited for this tin: 3.5 gallons of Cheeselicious Popcorn all to myself. What could be better? The thick cheesy taste? The lingering cheese powder on my fingers? Not even a cake could top this birthday treat.  

I ate maybe 5 oz before realizing that this Cheeselicious Popcorn was too good to keep to myself. The cheese was laid on thick (the best kind) and the finger residue was as delicious as eating the popcorn itself (also the best kind). Nothing brings people closer together than the promise of one of the greatest things in the world: cheese popcorn.

I told my roommate that she could help herself to the popcorn. She put some in a sandwich baggie and gave it to her boyfriend. They fell in love all over again. Inspired by my own tin, they ordered a 3.5 gallon tin of Mike’s Party Mix Popcorn for Christmas. 

Around the same time, I started rehearsal for a short play I wrote and performed in Mid-November. I took my tin of Mike’s Cheeselicious Popcorn to rehearsal and we practiced our lines with fingers stained with powdered cheddar. 

The biggest help came from my family. I told my little brother that I had 3.5 gallons of Mike’s Cheeselicious Popcorn and I was recruiting him to help me eat it at Thanksgiving. The day after Mom’s turkey feast, when our stomachs were empty once again, we went to the kitchen for some Cheeselicious Popcorn only to find Dad already snacking on it. The love of Cheeselicious Popcorn is genetic. The three of us snacked on that tin until we spoiled our lunch. 

The moral of this story? Cheeselicious Popcorn brings people together. After November, I felt more connected to my friends and family than I had before. I give most of the credit to Mike’s Cheeselicious Popcorn

We want to hear from you? What is your favorite memory from 2018? Let us know in the comments!

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