My mother already has everything she could possibly want or need, so purchasing her gifts throughout the year requires a lot of thought. I am not the only one in this boat. How do you purchase a meaningful gift for someone who already has everything?

More importantly, how did they react to receiving this gift? It’s a little nerve-wrecking purchasing something online, especially since you can’t touch and feel it yourself. Yet buying online is more convenient than browsing a brick-and-mortar store. You can filter products in a way you can’t do in real life, and you can send the gift directly to the recipient without visiting the post office yourself. The difficult part is wondering how your recipient, in this case your mother, will react to a gift you didn’t handle yourself.

This is why I compiled this list of testimonials for some of the best mother’s day presents from WisconsinMade Artisan Collective. We do our best to provide the best quality items for everyone who orders from us, especially if we’re sending to your mother! These mothers really loved their WisconsinMade gifts, and we hope yours will too.

These reviews have been lightly edited for grammar.

A Wooden Hand Mirror Helps Mom Stay Beautiful

Wooden Hand Mirror - Walnut by A Gift of Wood on WisconsinMade Artisan Collective
Wooden hand mirror made with walnut wood. Artisan: A Gift of Wood.

From Shirley

I have a mirror similar to this and my granddaughter uses it when I have it at her house so I was very pleased to find your mirror. I ordered the walnut mirror. It is beautiful and such quality workmanship! Thank you.

From Glesni

The hand-mirror we keep on our vanity was looking very shabby after ? years of duty, and I discovered this one. It looked perfect and my husband is from Wisconsin so this was the one. We got the walnut one and it did not disappoint. It’s much better looking and much better quality glass.

From JulesfromCO

Beautiful Mirror . . . nothing like it out there on Amazon. Keep buying things from Wisconsin!

The Flower Bulb of the Month Gift Sends Mom Flowers for Months!

Dahlia Flowers for the Month of April by Wisconsin Growers Greenhouse. Available on WisconsinMade Artisan Collective.
Dahlia Flowers are sent every April to Month Club Members. By Wisconsin Growers Greenhouse.

NOTE: The Flower Bulb of the Month Gift only ships between November and April. The warm weather of the spring and summer months destroys the bulbs while in transit. 

From Cathy

I sent this to my Mom last year and she absolutely loved it. So I ordered it again this year and she can’t wait for the bulbs to bloom. Excellent product!

From James 

I gave this to my Aunt for Christmas and she is thrilled. Thank you so much for such a high quality product and service! If you would offer this in a longer term, like 12 months, I would certainly purchase that as well.

Class Up Mom’s Garden With a Stained Glass Stepping Stone

Hummingbird Stained Glass Stepping Stone by Zoozii's Q.T.Z. on WisconsinMade Artisan Collective
Decorate Mom’s garden with a stained glass stepping stone from Soozii’s Q.T.Z.

From Ed in NY 

I ordered this as a gift for my wife She LOVES it! The detail and workmanship are excellent and it looks great on our garden. The customer service staff went above and beyond and I definitely recommend this site for nice gifts.

Mom Gets Ice Cream Every Month with Ice Cream of the Month Club

4-Pint Ice Cream of the Month Club available on WisconsinMade Artisan Collective
Get four pints of Wisconsin ice cream every month with a Ice Cream of the Month Club from WisconsinMade!

From Debra

I gave this gift to my Mother in Law for her Birthday. She says she really enjoys the ice cream! She says it is very rich with a great flavor!

From Shari 

I have a great affection for cooking, but rather savory than sweet. My husband has a sweet tooth and always asks,”What’s for dessert?” And many times I have no answer. This ice cream is amazing and the flavor assortment genius! My brother is a chef with a degree from the CIA and he was in heaven when sampling our first shipment. The next shipment was missing a pint and when contacted they immediately put the missing pint in the mail. A little pricey but every month you will be wowed!

Treat Mom with a Mother’s Day Butter Tarts Gift Box

Mother's Day Butter Tarts Gift Box from Last Course Sensations on WisconsinMade Artisan Collective
Butter Tarts are the specialty of baker Last Course Sensations.

From LeMarsKid 

They were a gift for my Mother-in-law in AZ. She reports that they are wonderful!

From Jeri 

mother loved it shared a piece w/friends hinted wanted more

The Mother’s Day Heart Kringle Gift Represents Your Love for Mom

Mother's Day Heart Kringle Gift by Racine Danish Kringle available on WisconsinMade Artisan Collective
A heart represents love with this Kringle from Racine Danish Kringle.

From Debby 

We had a Mother’s Day Celebration with all the children and grandchildren. The dinner was great. But the Cherry Kringle was The Hit of the Party! It was perfect for the occasion and tasted delicious. Next time I am going to order 3 to take home! I recommend this tasty treat and will buy it again and I will recommend it to all my friends and family. Thank you.

From Heart Kringle

My friend moved to Florida from Wisconsin and was overjoyed to receive this gift for Mother’s Day. Thank you for the fast delivery and the product looking just like the picture. Plus, it tastes great!

Send Mom Breakfast With a Kringle of the Month

Kringle of the Month Club Gift from O&H Danish Bakery available on WisconsinMade Artisan Collective
Send Mom a tasty breakfast treat with the Kringle of the Month from O&H Danish Bakery.

From Sherri 

This order is a gift for my mother-in-law. She called on the day of the first gift and was tickled. She said that is was delicious and she can’t wait for the next order. Thank you for a memorable birthday gift!

From Sarah

I ordered Kringle of the month and some bake mixes for my elderly mother in Sheboygan – the packages arrived quickly and she loved it.

What’s your mother’s favorite gift from WisconsinMade? Let us know in the comments!

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